Don’t shy from mourning job loss or seeking help


According to Department of Labor information, the Sept. 10 advance unadjusted number of people claiming unemployment insurance benefits in state programs totaled 13,197,059. A lot of you are contending with the financial hardships of job loss plus the emotional turmoil it causes, but you need to move forward.

Psychology Today wants you to know that you’ll bounce back best if your first step is to let it all out. They suggest you talk or write about it. Have a good cry. Lick your wounds. Accept hugs. Then you’re ready to deal with today’s challenges and search for a new job.

A study published by the Journal of Employment Counseling stresses how important it is to take charge of your emotions so you can fend off the depression that comes from the loss of social contact and sense of self-worth that work provides. And it can have a positive approach to your job search. You can do that by making sure you get physical exercise, create a structure to your day (up at the same time daily), have a good spot to work from and spend a predetermined amount of time doing your job search, working on your resume and taking classes to expand your qualifications.

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